Beautiful Now; Important Later

I’ve been a photographer now for almost 30 years and during this time I’ve seen just how impactful a portrait can be.  When my father passed away suddenly in 2008, I was so happy that I had a chance to do a portrait of him doing what he loved to do which was being in the Sedona wilderness with his camera.   This portrait was used for his memorial and I was so happy I had done this, not knowing I wouldn’t be seeing him again a year later.

Portraits reveal important, personal traits we often take for granted until the person is no longer here.  What may be a beautiful, soulful and personal portrait of a person in their finest clothes can ultimately be the enduring reminder of exactly how important they were to us.  While I hope that nobody has to deal with such loss, it’s a reminder that cherishing your loved one today may prove to be the most important thing later on.

T.G. Weathermon