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How do I book an appointment? Click above or call (855)492-5527

Do you do Studio photography? Vin does studio photography primarily, meaning complete state of the art lighting

What kinds of portraits do you do? – His portraiture genres include:

  • Renaissance Masterpiece Painted portraiture
  • Commercial Headshots & Executive portraiture
  • Engagement, Family, Children, Seniors and Pet portraiture

What are your products and what do you charge? Your investment in Vin’s art will depend on what genre you require and the amount of work to create it. Vin must first understand your vision and requirements and then he can give you a final price.

Do you charge sitting fees? No sitting fee, however the deposit of $800 will be applied to your final portrait order.

Do you guarantee the art work? Your satisfaction is guaranteed; you must be delighted.

Is there a minimum order amount? $800 is the base order that includes the creation session, a reveal sesssion to choose your final portrait, a premium 24 x 16 portrait ready for framing.

More Info:

You get “VIP prices” on any other portrait or gifts from that creation session.

Renaissance Masterpiece portraits are the ultimate in quality and unique richness